Chip F.

You're a dream come true. You're like the sister I didn't have. You've become one of my mom's best friends. I'm so happy you've come into our lives.

Diane C.

Thank you so much for doing what you do — you are more than worth your weight in gold! You are much more than performing a job, you are a friend to our family and I very much appreciate that.

Thank you, Elsie!

Bettie Lou S.

I've always told my girls that 'Getting old isn't for sissies!' Always Good Company has enabled me to continue to celebrate everyday chores with great joy!

Diane & Dave

Elsie, you are truly a warm and caring person. Thank you for your wonderful thoughtfulness to my mother. You will forever be in our hearts.

Bless you, Elsie. 


Simone H.

Elsie has been a wonderful aid and companion for my ninety-year-old mother, Simone Kahler. Elsie always has a positive attitude and is eager to engage my mother in activities within our family as well as outside the home. As far as my mom is concerned, Elsie Shields is the best!

Kevin S.

Way to go, Elsie. This is an incredibly important service for a rapidly growing need — and you are PERFECT for the task.


Your customers benefit from your compassion and work ethic. 

Betsy B.

 Elsie - You are a treasure! I'm so glad you've come into my life! Thank you so much for all you have done (and will do!) for me!

Love . . . lots!

Betsy A.

Always Good Company Home Care
is the perfect choice! 
They provided my mother with the caring and compassionate care that she needed during my time of absence. 
Elsie and her team will 'Always Be Good Company' for my mother whenever she needs or simply wants it. 
~ They have my highest of recommendations ~

Gloria K.

As crises always do this one came one evening around 10 PM. A friend of mine who I was assisting had a fall and needed 24 hour coverage for at least two weeks.  Fortunately, the receptionist at the desk had the telephone number of Always Good Company, owned by Elsie Shields. I made a call that night and by morning I met with Elsie and we got started helping my friend.  It is hard to believe that I had no concerns due to the quality of caregivers Elsie had on her staff. Everyone was upbeat, on time, hardworking, and genuinely concerned about my friend's well-being. In addition, it was necessary for me to change hours, days and to extend my needs for a period of four months. During that time I was never turned down with my requests and always felt I could call and give new instructions for her care. I am truly forever grateful for this agency's fine work ethic and the comfort they gave me as well as my friend through some incredibly difficult times. 

Elizabeth B.

I love going to Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market — and where there’s a will, there’s a way! I had the will, and Always Good Company provided the way. Such fun! 

Dixey S.

It was a lucky day when 
Always Good Company 
came into my life!

Lou O.

Elsie, her husband, Val, and every caregiver/companion that Always Good Company has employed to assist my 93-year-old mom, has been wonderful. To a person, each is dependable, prompt, full of personality, engaging, and respectful to this vibrant Mother-Of-Seven who continues to LIVE her life to the fullest! Mom looks forward to every new adventure with her Always Good Company friends!

Kari B.

Always Good Company is one of a kind. The owner, Elsie, has become a very dear friend who cares so much for everyone she encounters. This compassion for others is evident in every aspect of the work her and her employees do. AGC goes above and beyond to perform anything your loved one might need. I am so grateful for her, and you will be too. <3

Bailey H.

My Always Good Company caregiver has a great personality, is easy to talk to and a great listener, and possesses a wonderful sense of humor. These are all the qualities required if a person is going to be authentic.

L. Dan

The integrity and good spirits of those working for Always Good Company Home Care make them Always GREAT Home Care People. I recommend them highly!

Pat P.

Elsie and her team put the “care” in caregivers — they all go above and beyond what is expected of them, and their extraordinary level of professionalism and their profound kindness is something that is nothing short of phenomenal. I am privileged to be one of their clients, and so a huge heartfelt shout-out to these extraordinary individuals who ensure the very best of care for their clients by not just offering an amazing service, but by also giving from their hearts to each and every one of their clients.


Elsie & Val, I know this is what your business is all about, but your care and love in performing the tasks is over the moon. Thank you for what you did in this important move for Jo and for the burden you lifted from me.
I am forever grateful.


Lynn S.

Elsie & her team have been lifesavers to our family. The professionalism, dependability, flexibility, and most importantly, kindness of her staff made a difficult time so much more manageable. Highly recommended! 


Lauren F.

The owner, Elsie, truly cares about both her clients and team. Elsie and her team treat all of their clients as if they were their own family, tending to each client's specific needs with individualized day-to-day care.


Rebecca O.

I was very pleased with the companionship service our family received for my mother from Always Good Home Care! The employees delivered outstanding, compassionate care to her, and went above and beyond my expectations. They were able to anticipate her needs appropriately, and were very responsive to my requests for specific details regarding her care. Also, when I was out of town on several occasions, the company was able to provide coverage for me in case of an emergency visit to the hospital, for example, so that I could rest easy while away. I highly recommend this company for the care and companionship of elderly individuals. They know their business and deliver all services with cheerful compassion!

Woody W.

Elsie and her crew did a fantastic job taking care of my parents! Both my parents started showing signs of dementia and her staff went in 3 times per week to check on them and help them any way they could. Like most people with dementia, my parents didn’t know they had a problem so her staff had to deal with my somewhat difficult parents and were able to do so effectively. They gave me good communication and helped me make the decision to move them into assisted living at the appropriate time. I was very thankful to find Elsie when I did and did not regret using her company at all. Highly recommend!

Jean W.

Elsie and her team are the best! We have used her services several times in the past few years. She was even able to get us companion care at the last minute before a trip! Her staff are very professional and personable. My MIL loved having the care and someone to talk to. I would definitely recommend them and use them again!


My Dearest Elsie,
I am speaking on behalf of my Mom (Marilyn), my brothers (Harry & Bo) and my sister (Wendy). There aren’t words spoken, written, or big enough to express to you how deeply we appreciate your taking such wonderful care of our Mom the last month of her life. 

You gave our Mom quality of life without taking away her independence which was so vital to her for she didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, including her children.  Mom enjoyed her time with you, you got her out of the house by driving her to pick up her mail, going grocery shopping, banking, or anything else she needed at the time. You treated her with dignity and respect, she could totally be herself with you, trusted you completely and Mom appreciated that to the utmost.

Our family hasn't had very good luck with care givers in the past (stealing, not being kind etc) so you are a Godsend to us, to all those blessed enough to know you and to all the people you have helped along your journey in life. Our family highly recommends you and your services for you made our Mom’s life better, less lonely, and comfortable — who could ask for more. You not only took care of Mom before she died but you helped us afterwards by canceling credit cards, going to the post office to get the mail, taking care of getting clothes, furniture etc to the people Mom wanted to donate to. You kept in touch with us all, letting us know what you’ve done and are doing since all of us live 4–9 hours away. You’d be a real asset to anyone in need of your services and if we can help in anyway, we will.
 Elsie, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such special care of our Mom and for everything else you have taken care of. I know our Mom would want you to know how blessed she was having you in her life.
God Bless You Always


Gretchen J.

The lovely ladies from Always Good Company have brightened our days. We rely on them for everything!

Simone K.

I’m thrilled my granddaughter told me about you, and feel lucky to have your help and companionship because you’re so nice. I wish you were here every day.

Kristina S

I went through three other companies, with very bad results, before I found Always Good Company. This is by far the best company I have ever used. I have been in nursing for 23 years and can honestly say the care that my father is receiving from Always Good Company is exceptional. They are always on time and go out of their way to make my father comfortable and make him feel like he is the only patient they have. They treat my father with dignity and respect. I would highly recommend Always Good Company.!!!!!

Patricia P.

Elsie and her wonderful team provide the utmost in personalized care and treat each and every one of their clients with sincere kindness, absolute respect and true compassion. Her assistance to me personally has been invaluable and she has become more than a caregiver; she has become a trusted friend. If you are in need of their stellar services please contact Always Good Company. They not only live up to their name; they also go above and beyond to provide the best care for you or your loved one.

Cothran H.

Friendly and Professional. I recommend Elsie and Co. for your needs.

Christine L.

Elsie and her team are wonderful. They are compassionate and caring and do a fabulous job for my mom!!! Best company in Wilmington for home care!!!

Jennifer K.

Thank you for taking such good care of our sweet parents. Elsie and her crew are great! Thanks for doing what you do!

Jan B.

It is a pleasure working with Elsie at Always Good Company Home Care. She goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs. The companions and caregivers are top notch! I would not look anywhere else.

Simone H.

The service from Always Good Company is excellent. We tried several services for my mom’s care and were always disappointed. The workers are reliable, friendly and go out of their way to provide excellent service. Elsie employs dependable workers who are the best in their field.


It is most comforting to me and my family to have someone who genuinely cares for those of us who need a little extra care as we embark on a sometimes "fragile" stage of life. Thanks for all you do!

Betsy B.

They've lifted me from older age,
back up into fun and conversation.

Jan B.

It is a pleasure working with Elsie at Always Good Company Home Care. She goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs. The companions are top-notch! I would not look anywhere else.

Larry D.

Amazing company. The integrity and good spirits of those working for Always Good Company Home Care make them Always GREAT Home Care people! I recommend them highly. 

Terry S.

Elsie and her team have been lifesavers to our family. The professionalism, dependability, flexibility, and most importantly, kindness, of her staff made a difficult time so much more manageable. Highly recommended!

Colleen S.

Elsie and her team provide excellent care. Always professional and friendly. They really get to know each client and find the best caregiver for each individual. What a tremendous service to offer these folks — a chance to maintain some independence at home without getting lonely or get personal, one-on-one care at an assisted living facility. I highly recommend!

Walker S.

If I could give them a 10-star rating I would. Our family unofficially "adopted" everyone providing care to our mother as a member of our family; our mother didn't like to refer to her caregivers as caregivers, she referred to them as her "pearls." Their love, passion and commitment to the health and well-being of our mother could not have been more professional and personal. I give this company the highest possible rating; I can't think of anything they could have done better.

Margee S.

To Elsie,

Thank you so much for taking care of our mom during her recent trip to Wrightsville Beach. You took mom to church and allowed her husband to have a much-needed rest from caregiver role.

Anyway, she adores you and enjoyed the outings. Now you know how much she loves Panera! Mom deserves the best, and you are the best. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives and count you as one of the family.

John H.

Dear Elsie, 

We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for our Mother. You've been a bright addition to her...and 

Your always positive approach to her needs and just being a good friend and companion has meant a great deal to us all. Thank you for that and for all the other things you have done that we probably don't know about! Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. We brag about you all the time and consider ourselves so fortunate to have you!

Liz B.

Elsie and her team go above and beyond for their clients every day! They are compassionate, attentive and love what they do. What a difference this company makes!

Grace S.

This team is competent, intelligent, and is always concerned for my care and safety. I would highly recommend AGC to anyone who needs extra help with their daily activities.

Jo B.

They are fun! We have fun. 
They are interesting, intelligent, 
lighthearted ladies.

Marlies T.

Always Good Company Home Care Inc

is the BEST there is for the care of your loved one. You can trust their compassionate and professional staff.

Jody V.

Elsie is truly a kind and caring person who loves what she does! She is a hands-on company owner and you can be assured you will get the best care possible from her and her team at Always Good Company. It’s a pleasure to know her!

Frances G.

I am thankful every day that someone referred me to  Elsie Shields of Always Good Company! As the owner of her company and as an elder companion herself, Elsie goes above and beyond to be sure that her clients are happy with her service. When a family member must coordinate care for their elderly loved ones, AGC takes away the stress and worry! My dad says of Elsie, "She is like a daughter to me. She is sweet, polite, and caring." Of Elsie's husband, Val, my dad says "Val is a friend. He is helpful, organized, and multi-talented. Val can do anything!"

Gerald W.

They know what to do,
how to do,
and they will do!

Cindy C.

This is a great company and I grew up with Elsie. Can't think of anyone better to take care of a loved one.

Becky W.

Amazing company with

high-quality caregivers!

Lynda & Bill

Thank you so much, Elsie, for helping us out. Your home care service is wonderful. We both really like Clark. We will certainly be calling you in the future for your services I am sure.

Malcolm G.

Elsie strives to match the right caregivers with each individual client. My mother's regular night-time caregiver, Audra, has now become one of my mother's best friends. Elsie is dedicated to her work to help seniors in their time of need. She is the real deal! I can't recommend AGC highly enough!

Jennifer K.

Elsie and her staff at Always Good Company Home Care are a bright ray of sunshine in the home care business! They are easy to work with to meet client's needs, which gives family members tremendous peace of mind.

Marti S.

I called Always Good Company when my husband became very ill. Elsie responded immediately by coming to visit. She was so concerned and caring about making our situation better. Both of us felt she sincerely wanted to help us as we faced an awful situation with a bad ending. She promised that we would have the same helper each time, so we wouldn't have to repeat the details of his care. 

Our helper was everything Elsie said she would be and more. I could go out and leave my husband in her loving care, knowing she was sensitive and kind and comforting. When she faced the ugliest of his conditions, she proceeded as I would. She was so perceptive of his needs, his concerns, his worry that I wasn't there. Each time when I returned, he was relaxed and calm, and I realized that she cared for him with the comfort and concern that I would have.  


This was a difficult journey we shared with Elsie and her helper. I would not have had any other home care service.
No one compares.

Jean R.

Elsie's team of lovely people cared for my mother. I can't ever thank them enough for all the personal attention, friendship and loving care they showed my mom. She loved each and every one and felt so comfortable with them. I always recommend her team to my friends, as there was never a day that I wasn't absolutely positive that they cared for my mother as I would! Highly, highly recommend them!

Edward W.

Each aide that I have had assist me had the knowledge, experience and personality to complete every task that I needed to have done. They usually go above and beyond the demands of their tasks.

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